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Non-ablative Fractional Erbium Laser: Clinical Cases

What skin problems can be treated by REJUVA fractional laser?

Fractional ERBIUm laser is designed for non-ablative skin resurfacing and treatment of

striae, acne scars, surgical scars and other skin aging problems.

Fractional laser creates tiny dots, leaving healthy surrounding tissue so that pain, recovery, and downtime is minimised. The beam density can be varied according to the area being treated and the outcome desired. Less than 10% of a targeted area is treated creating thousands of microscopic thermal zones in the skin which stimulates repair and regeneration of the whole area but leaving the stratum corneum relatively intact leading to little or no downtime following the treatment.

Wrinkle and skin laxity

Skin resurfacing

Scars treatment

Skin texture improvement

Large pores and skin tone

Hair regrowth

Pigmentation improvement

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