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MesoSkin©, the secret weapon of Cristiano Ronaldo's hair clinic

In 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo, renowned for his exceptional talent, striking beauty, and keen intellect, ventured into the burgeoning scalp treatment industry. He inaugurated a state-of-the-art hair transplant clinic, Saúde Viável, in Madrid as part of the Insparya Group's assets. With 18 upscale salons and a dedicated team of 150 employees, Insparya has set a new standard in hair restoration.

Joining Ronaldo in patronizing this clinic are esteemed figures such as his former Portuguese national team colleagues Bosingwa and Meireles, along with former Arsenal superstar Pires. Their choice reflects the trust and confidence placed in Saúde Viável's expertise and unparalleled service.

The EPM microchip introducer (Mesoskin©) has won an excellent reputation in the international market for its non-invasive and efficient delivery effect, and quickly attracted the attention of Ronaldo's hair transplant clinic in Saúde Viável (Insparya Group). Dr. Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) of Saúde Viável and member of the European Society for Trichology Research, expressed great interest in MesoSkin©. MesoSkin© subsequently became Saúde Viável’s indispensable secret hair care device, providing customers with professional and effective hair care.

The stratum corneum is the main barrier for skin absorption. Penetrating the stratum corneum can change the barrier properties of the skin and improve the efficiency of transdermal drug delivery.

MesoSkin© uses hollow microneedles and electroporation technology (EPM) to act on the stratum corneum to form micropores. Short electrical pulses change the permeability of the skin, provide a uniform electric field to the skin, and create hydrophilic channels in the stratum corneum. It delivers nutrients to the dermal layer without compromising the structural integrity of the skin, promoting hair regeneration and inhibiting hair loss.

Comparison photos of MesoSkin© application on the scalp

MesoSkin© is not only suitable for the scalp and face, but can also be applied to a wide range of other parts of the body. Due to its advantages of high efficiency, multifunctionality, low cost, and biochemical and biological nontoxicity, it has become an effective introduction device for delivering macromolecular nutrients into cells or tissues. It is widely used in the field of beauty and has been used by more than 100 million people around the world.

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