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Maxelbeauty launched new Diode laser" lasermach"

what is the difference from the other diode laser?

Painless, comfortable

Higher peak power up to 1000W

High peak power and short pulse duration can reduce lateral heating which makes your customer feels more comfortable, high power could increase hair removal efficacy, which enables your staff to complete treatment regimens quickly and efficiently.


808nm/755nm/1064nm suitable for all skin tones

The 808nm wavelength is mostly used one, which suitable for most body parts hair removal, which is “gold standard” for hair removal and offering your patients safe and highly effective hair removal solutions.


Large spot size 12x20mm

The large spot size increases the depth of heat penetration and allows the hair follicles to absorb more energy, improving treatment effectiveness.


Saffire crystal 4 ℃ constant temperature

Aesthetic and professional operation modes

Suitable for all skin tones

too much advantage to be discovered...

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