hair Removal And Skin Rejuvenation System



Revolutionary renovation of traditional IPL 
Revolutionary renovation of traditional IPL 

Lower fluence

higher frequency 

Pain free

All skin types

Tanned skin

All hair colours

super faster

How  IPL works?


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a kind of light with high energy and broad wavelength, within the range from 430nm to 1200nm. Intense Pulsed Light with broad spectrum affects pigmentations, vascular lesions and hair follicles. Photothermic and photochemical action will be triggered by the radiation of IPL. Pigment is shattered and eliminated out of body through metabolism. Meanwhile, IPL will also promote collagen production, which can make the skin more flexible and smooth. The light with long wavelength can easily pass through epidermis layer to the hair follicles in the deep skin layer. At the targeted area, high energy occurs to destroy follicles and hair shaft, preventing regrowth of new hair. With a series of treatment, IPL technology can help restore a more youthful appearance without downtime and side effect.



What are the differences between SHR-IPL and traditional IPL?

Lower fluence, higher repetition, gently heating

Traditional IPL emits high fluence energy, aiming to destroy the hair follicles in one shot. SHR-IPL emits lower fluence energy multiplely in one second, hair follicles thus absorb the same amount of energy to be destroyed, but in another safer way.

The consequence: Less Pain, safer treatment


Shorter light spectrum

The traditional IPL has a light span of 420-1200nm. SHR-IPL filters violet light and infrared light, which can be absorbed by water molecular from skin, thus make the light more precisely absorbed by hair follicles.

The consequence: Heating the hair follicles more precisely, better result achieved


“IN-MOVING” instead of spot by spot treatment

The IN-MOVING technique is to constantly sweep the applicator over a targeted area.

IN-MOVING repeatedly delivering the energy on a targeted area, ensures full coverage heating which dramatically improves results.

The consequence: Super fast, more comfortable, high efficiency

Indications of SHR-IPL

Permanent hair removal 

Reduction of vascular lesions 

Reduction of pigmented lesions 

Skin rejuvenation, skin lift and skin tighten 

Acne Therapy  

Wrinkle removal


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