World’s first LED-sourced analyzer

Why don’t you make a comparison of a before and after treatment with this high-resolution clearer images?

Clear image

Application of an 18 megapixel DSLR camera

Application of a rotating plate system

Implementation of the detail mode

Drastic reduction in maintenance cost

The LED, the light source of deep-see, ensures over 200,000 shots without replacement.

Patent application

Application of patents for all sources of light

Application of a patent for the design of NL.SL apparatus

Application of a patent for potential wrinkles

Before/after reliability

World’s first use of LED as a light source, which ensures the consistent quality of images

The application of a curtain box to block external light and background

Application of the degree of a headrest ruler

Blush analysis

Observable and analyzable by dividing pigments into brown and red

Light sources and analysis items

Four light sources are used to analyze 12 skin problems including skin types

Front-/Left-/Right-Side Shooting

Three sides of a face can be compared at a time.


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