Maxelbeauty BVBA is a supplier of medical beauty equipments to whole Europe, the company is based on Belgium. Our main activity is to provide the most advanced and reliable technology to beauty clinics and salons. Another main activity is to offer technical service for all the clients who have all kinds of laser devices in practice.


Maxelbeauty has a broad products line from skin to body, we only supply the high-technology and practically proved safe and effective technology. We don’t always follow the newest technology if it is not proved by the practice. So you are always safe when you follow our product lines.




The main products of Maxelbeauty including:

diode laser permanent hair removal system 

IPL System 

Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser System

Fractional Co2 Laser System

cryolipo fat removal system

fractional RF

needling skin resurfacing system and so on.


we think more for our clients than themself and we think always in the position of our clients. If you would like to build a competitive advantages than you competitors in beauty field, contact us immediately, we will sure to give you the best solution!


Company Mission 

We help you succeed!

Company Culture 

Customer first, continuous improvement, openness , teamwork.​


  • Only focus on innovative medical aesthetic technologies

  • Only supply practice- proved effective system

  • Whole-hearted dedicate to providing best solution to professioner

  • Knowledgeable sales staff

  • Experienced customer service

  • Highest price-performance ratio equipment

  • Fast return of investment


Houtmolenstraat 117

3900 Overpelt, Belg

Tel: ﹢32 (0) 1138 1478
Email: info@maxelbeauty.be


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